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Mining Guide in EverQuest Next Landmark

EverQuest Next Landmark has already launched Alphaphase and has let you know what resources and craft can wait for you. In our mining guide, we will light the darkness of the mine and tell you where to find what raw materials and how to successfully tap the new foot on the earth.

Before we give you all the guidance, there are several introductory topics about EverQuest Next Landmark and the game system. Pass the pictures and impatient people to direct access to the various tutorials and find out which materials you need, what options are available, and how you remove them and information about the area.

Free2Play-MMORPG EverQuest Next Landmark will not be confused with the upcoming Free2Play-MMORPG EverQuest Next (no landmarks added). Both will be Sony's online entertainment independent game. With Landmark, you will get a sandbox world that strongly reminds you of independent success of Minecraft. This means that you can remove resources in a freely accessible world where you can always process them at the craft station and create objects creatively in the game world.

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