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EverQuest Next Game with Holy Grail

EverQuest Next has been identified for four years in development, and almost nothing has been said about this time, causing many people to think that the game did not really come.

Sony Online Entertainment has pulled back the cover a little, talking about the upcoming MMO and what makes it different from other markets.

It seems that so many MMO worlds today is based on the World of Warcraft model: a city, a seller, a monster, a task. While there may be a lot of impressive content in the quest, none is unique; each player will experience the same thing.

EverQuest Next is looking for a MMO border and has listed the holy graves they want to achieve; things are too hard to work to the current MMO.

SOE has a large MMO history, recent games like Planetside 2 and tribe: Ascend, so they can almost handle the back end of the game. However, it is not clear how they will balance all the creative and destructive aspects of EverQuest Next Platinum the game.

The purpose is to let the server have its own personality, the city naturally appears where the player wants; some areas are completely destroyed, while the other areas remain unchanged. Monsters will have their own goals in the game; for example, Orcs will do anything to get more gold, so often in the fight with the player. Completely destroy a group of enemies can make another group of forces grow, before they support each other.

This level of dynamic movement and thought extends to the task system so that you actually have the effect of your adventure. Georgeson wants players to collect their own stories from the world, because these stories really make people feel real. At present, when you finish an impressive task, your friend has seen it; randomly generated content, your fight will be unique, and your position with the rest of the village will stop the Orc tribe to live. Desperate fight, no script; a game you can not easily rest, know that you should win.

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