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EQN layered production promotion

EQN version does not require players to explore the formula, such as my world as a place to place a mobile phone, read the strategy. Here is more like tara rhea (click here to view the demo), as long as you get rid of the top table, the formula will automatically be listed in the workbench interface, the required material may also be listed, not their brains.

In tara rhea, even if you take a new wooden tool, you can also go to expensive stone mining. However, in the EQN version, the quality of materials and mining equipment is quite stringent correspondence, such as with your poor wooden shovel, dug up fixed iron ore, dug up the most copper and tin.

We want to use these wood materials, the production of copper shovel, and then can be happy to dig ore. Any player should upgrade the route along a relatively rigorous tool and do not need the player to dig three feet into the depths of the earth in the game. Basically all the minerals can be observed on EverQuest Next Gold the surface of the earth, the color is the mineral from one place to Another place. Mineral distribution is usually related, reducing the difficulty of the search.


Mining Guide in EverQuest Next Landmark
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