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EQN Shards Online A Sandbox Game

The height of the game creation online, EVE Online, EverQuest Next and MC's influence. The game is designed to create a dynamic world of life, rather than our general experience of the game, the task is permanent, the activity will be refreshed. In this game, any action will have a substantial impact.

You can chat with the NPCs recently or the weather, so you leave, you will find them going to the bar, or talk to other NPCs. Everything is in sports games. Coupling system dynamic behavior to the world has an incredible causal relationship, such as you stole a dragon egg today, may be why she attack the village tomorrow reason. The debris of the online world, if a tree falls in the forest, we can say it by listening.

EQN role is no professional positioning, the core growth of the role is the skills, the new role is only a basic ability to use weapons, new skills from the town coaches, or from the dark underground city found a dusty book Go to school, you can master the skills from the master to learn. Master basic skills, and participate in activities related to their skills and save experience, you can upgrade and unlock new skills. For EQN players also limit the ability to master a lot of skills, such as to achieve the skills, in order to get new skills, you will need to discard some skills.

EQN warfare in a way similar to EverQuest Next Gold Diablo series. Belong to their own piece of land, build a house.Heart how much, you can cover the number of old houses, you can also build farms and gardens. Hire NPCs to help you do daily work such as mining. From the Middle Ages to the Victorian era, to explore the world full of styles. Collect unique armor, weapons and rare ancient artifacts. Run in the community for the server unit, run to create your own rules, stories and live content .14 will be before the end of the first game. All this idea looks good, but this photo, this fight, this view can be a bit fashionable!

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