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EQN Developers Tease a World Of choice

The big problem with most MMOs is that they are static: wait for the turn, destroy bad people, report, wash, rinse and repeat. A month later, the same suitors will still be there for the same referee to provide the same reward. This is obviously a generalization, but it is not accurate. It's also a thing that Sony Online Entertainment is trying to get rid of EverQuest Next.

At EQ, you will not walk into a region and see questionnaires for a group of NPCs standing on top of the head. Lead Content Designer Steve Danuser explains in the new video. Instead, you will be directed to the area where the event occurred. These events have been "Norrath" has been happening; players will have the ability to influence them in different ways.

The system is built around the NPC; they are based on the distribution of the properties of developers, as well as the pursuit of their goals NPC group, so the other aspects of the game world have a profound impact, and thus lead the virtual life. Using the internal design tools, Danuser and Storybricks supervisor designer Stephan Bura showcased the action of the system by showing how the Kedder invasion of the Seppen Mountains eventually led to the awakening of destructive evil spirits, depending on the player's choice.

Danuser says the player action can trigger a phone call, which is huge, the world changes the event. "Bloody Kithicor calls the players to get the players together from the entire server and will leave Kithicor permanently changed; players on other servers may make different choices and can see very different consequences.

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