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A bold And Destructible Fantasy MMO

SOE vision involves a hierarchical gaming world like Minecraft, a hand-designed fantasy landscape and a tunnel generated by the following program. The next Norrath is composed of voxels clever little cubes that can be generated, molded and destroyed in flight. At the most basic level, this means the surface world of destructive components: the first show game, the game director David Georgeson (David Georgeson) shows melee how the magic attack may damage the walls and leave Crater.

This is an impressive simple visual effect and adds responsiveness to the world that does not exist in other games. Over time, this damage will be fixed for new adventurers, and some key areas will not be destructive, but vox technology allows state-owned enterprises to do this in the next step, the impressive importance of being promoted.

Breaking the floor in EverQuest Next, whether you are in a groundbreaking blow, or by casting spells or picking up a shovel, you will enter an underground cave created in flight for you to explore. You will be able to hunt the monster in the context of each new game, ask for items and make the remaining MMO business, and the farther you are, the more you will encounter.

In addition to distinguishing the world from EverQuest Next Gold the visual theme underground lakes, crystal cave, volcano core - each layer corresponds to an era in the game, so that you can understand the historical ruins anytime, anywhere.

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